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Adapt to the present and plan for the future.
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Supista BI for your Growth Journey

Unlock Insights & Business Intelligence Solutions Effortlessly.

Real-Time Dashboards

360 Degree View on your company/organization.

Actionable Insights

Find new Opportunities and Bottlenecks for your Business.

Customizable Reports

Automatically monitor your business Growth.

KPI based performance tracking

Set Goals and track them live in action.

Reduced efforts to Customize your BI

Supista AI Enhances developer Efficiency to customize as per your needs

Custom Columns and Tables for better Data Lake Solution

Supista leverages Gen-AI to write SQL queries for you which you can also edit further to generate the most customized solution for better insights.

Talk to your Data

Simply ask questions with your software and get the insights and visualizations, you can also add filters or modify your chart as per your specific requirements.

Automatically Generate Dashboards

No need to add Dashboards manually, Supista AI creates a Dashboard by understanding your Data Patterns.

Accelerate your Growth

Unlock the power of data to drive the growth of your company

Optimize distribution network

Find and analyze the bottlenecks and risk elements in your distribution networks.

Improved warehouse management

Performance Tracking and real-time Analysis of your deliveries and inventory levels.

Optimized supply chain processes

Overcome your nightmares of overproduction and underproduction.

Optimize sales

Analyze seasonal and geographical customer behaviors & your users' purchasing habits.

Customer upsell opportunity

Analyse often bought together products and your customer segment analysis.

Targeted customer promotions

Create your brand identity that sticks and provides an enhanced customer experience.

Track Real-time KPIs for your business

Supista helps you understand your business profoundly and generates actionable insights.
You can set & track the KPIs that matter to your business the most to achieve your goals.


Revenue growth


Average Time To Sell


Out-of-Stock Rate


Client retention rate


Customer satisfaction

Steps to Implement Supista

Supista is a customizable solution that adapts to your business needs. We follow the best practices to implement our Business Intelligence (BI) in your company.

Identify the business needs.

Determine the specific business problems and their benefits to your company.

Clean and prepare the data

Gather data from multiple sources and clean & prepare them for optimum results.

Design the BI system

The BI system includes the data warehouse and reports or dashboards.

Implement BI system

Set up and configure the BI platform according to your requirements.

Test your BI System

Load the data, and test the system to ensure it is working correctly.

Train users

Provide training to your employees on how to access and use the BI system.

Monitor and maintain the BI system

Keep on monitoring and updating the BI system to ensure its performance.

AI-based insights

Furthermore, we develop AI-based solutions to help you grow :)

Business Intelligence made for You

World's first Self-Service Manager Friendly BI powered by AI.
You can dive deep into your data, discover trends, and gain actionable insights on your own.

Data Visualization

Improved data understanding and decision-making through visual representations and AI-generated insights.

Data Lake

Foster data-driven collaboration and insights with a centralized data lake.

AI-Generated Charts

Save your time and resources through AI-generated charts, freeing up your managers for more critical analysis.

Data Filtering and Exploration

Uncover hidden opportunities and mitigate risks by filtering and exploring data effectively.

Supista AI Chat

Empower your employees to make informed decisions without the need for extensive training and technical expertise.

Intuitive chart customization

Effortlessly customize charts without relying on anyone - it's that simple!


Find a plan that works for you

Our Business Intelligence is tailor-made for your industry. We offer the most competitive value for money in the market.

Supista for Startups

  • Grow without any long-term commitment
  • Upto 2 Employees
  • 0.5 Million Rows
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited KPIs to track
  • Upto 1 GB Storage
  • 2 Data-point Integrations

Supista for Business

  • Generate insights that matter
  • Upto 15 Employees
  • 5 Million Rows
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited KPIs to track
  • Upto 8 GB Storage
  • 5 Data-point Integrations

Supista for Enterprise

  • Find the competitive edge that beats your competition
  • More Than 50 Employees
  • 50 Million Rows
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited KPIs to track
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Data-point Integrations