Customizable Columns & Tables

Customizable Columns & tables

This is how easy it is to use Supista to make your company data proficient. If you have a little knowledge of databases, you can even join two tables in the data lake module. In the join table section, you can easily join two or more tables to generate a better view of your data.

Also, you don't have to worry about wrong joining because it won't affect any other data table or charts. So you can easily experiment with it. To join a table, first write the name of the new join table and select the table to join from the drop down list. This is your primary table. Now you need to select the secondary table from the drop down list. You can unlist the column which you don't require for analysis. Now you need to select two columns in one of each table. Please note, to join two tables, you must make sure that there must be one column in each table which has similar data because these tables will be joined when the values of the primary table column matches with the values of the secondary tables column. Most of the time, these are the ID fields which you will be joining. You can also add multiple tables to join this way. Just like while importing tables here also, if there is a daytime field in the output join table, you may select which daytime column should be used for setting up the time frame for data analysis.

You can set it to none if you don't want to filter based on the daytime data by default.

Supista also allows its advanced users who know SQL to create custom columns and custom tables.

In this way, Supista provides you the flexibility and customizability to analyze your data in the simplest way possible.

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