Supista BI - Tutorial


Supista is an AI-powered self-service business intelligence which helps you to increase your ROI. Supista provides you actionable insights on real-time dashboards, customizable reporting and KPI-based performance tracking system.

Supista is so easy that you can become a data-proficient company without any external help. Just fill out this sign-up form to start using Supista. Supista is divided into five modules.

Supista AI

Supista AI, dashboards, sheets, customizable reports and data lake.

Using Supista AI, you can simply talk to your data in plain language. It's like asking Alexa to gather insights from your data.

Supista Dashboard

Dashboard section allows you to view all your real-time charts, KPIs and generate actionable insights using advanced filters which you can share with specific groups of users.


In the Sheets section, you can create or edit the charts which will also get reflected in the dashboard and reports.

You can also choose which group has read access and which has write. Customizable reports allows you to build customizable one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports which you can automatically send to a group of people via email.

Transform Data into Decisions with Supista – Your Intelligent Data Partner