supista has already created these charts for you. Now you can change the time frame of the sheet and get updated values.

You can simply add filters on your data to drill down deep in your analysis. supista has already added all filters based on its column types for you. It's so simple to use supista that you can create your analysis in minutes.

You can also download reports and excel sheet format by clicking here. This report contains the data for all the charts.

The filter applied on the sheet or the dashboard is also applicable on this report. supista also provides an inside section for your chart. You can see it by clicking on the idea or bulb icon.

Here we have your top performer and bottom performers list. We also have a section for Pareto rule analysis.

The Pareto rule analysis can give you a clear picture on what factors are playing, vital role and what factors are very less important that you might eliminate from your process or focus more to make the output more favorable.

You can create new charts using this button on the top right.

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